Last update: 15.07.2021. You can see all news here, Newsletter files can be downloaded here. There are many EDUARD plastic models temporarily unavailable due to fire in their company in December.


1/72 VAZ/LADA 2101 / ZHIGULI 1200 (resin kit)
1/72 VAZ/LADA 2101S / ZHIGULI 1300 (resin kit)
1/72 VAZ/LADA 2102 / ZHIGULI Kombi (resin kit)
1/72 FIAT 124 (resin kit)
In stock
1/24 Octavia WRC 1st Bohemia Rally 1999
1/24 Octavia WRC 4th Network Q Rally 1999
1/24 Ford Escort Maxi Kit Car Rallye Bohemia 2001
1/24 Škoda 130 RS Monte Carlo 1977 (re-edition)
1/24 Škoda 180/200 RS
1/24 Fabia S2000 IRC Rally Monte Carlo 2009
1/24 Fabia S2000 Rally Finland 2009 (Hänninen)
In stock
1/24 Fabia S2000 IRC YPRESS Rally 2009 (Duval)
In stock
1/24 Ford Focus WRC 06 #3 Rally Australia 2005
1/24 Ford Focus WRC 06 - 6th Rally Australia 2005
1/24 Ford Focus WRC 06 - Rally Monte Carlo 2006
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